The College of mechanical engineering has a national public technical service platform 1, 9 provincial scientific research platforms, 2 characteristic and advantageous discipline laboratories jointly built by the central and local governments, and 58 provincial enterprise graduate workstations. The scientific research team includes: mechatronics equipment and its measurement and control technology, heavy equipment manufacturing and special processing technology for offshore engineering, design and theory of complex electromechanical system, new material and its preparation technology, CAD and virtual design technology, etc.

The college adheres to the discipline construction as the leader, pays close attention to scientific research and local work, continuously enhances the scientific research ability and steadily improves the academic level. In the past five years, he has presided over the national science and technology support plan, and There are 9 national level projects such as "863" plan and national key R & D plan, more than 20 provincial and ministerial level science and technology plan projects, and more than 120 horizontal scientific research projects, with a total scientific research fund of 58 million yuan; More than 600 academic papers have been published, including 120 SCI / EI searches; More than 200 invention patents have been authorized; 15 provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards.

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