College of mechanical engineering is one of the colleges established earlier in Nantong University. The college has mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology and instruments, mechanical electronic engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation four Among them, mechanical engineering is the first-class undergraduate specialty construction point in Jiangsu Province, the core specialty of key specialty in the 12th Five Year Plan, the characteristic specialty of universities in Jiangsu Province and the brand specialty of Nantong University, and the major of measurement and control technology and instrument is the key specialty of universities in Jiangsu Province during the 12th Five Year Plan. The college has a master degree in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is the dominant discipline of Jiangsu University "new energy and its equipment" (phase I) / The second phase, mechanical engineering (phase III), is supported by the discipline of Nantong University doctoral degree authorized cultivation, Nantong University provincial key construction discipline; Secondary discipline - "Mechanical design and theory" is the key construction discipline of provincial colleges and universities.

At present, there are full-time undergraduates and postgraduates one thousand and three hundred More than, faculty and staff seventy-six People; Full time teacher fifty-four People, including professors nineteen Associate Professor, senior engineer twenty-nine People, higher vocational education than 87% Among the full-time teachers, the proportion of doctors and masters is 91% The discipline has a thousand talents program one National level candidates for the "ten million talents project in the new century" one People, province“ three hundred and thirty-three Young and middle-aged chief scientists at the first level of "project" one College Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education one People; Province“ three hundred and thirty-three The second and third level talents of "Engineering" seven People, the training object of "six talent peaks" of the province six People, the training object of "blue and blue project" in provincial colleges and Universities ten People; It has excellent scientific and technological innovation team of the province one Excellent discipline echelon of "blue and blue project" in provincial colleges and Universities two Provincial scientific research platform nine The central and local governments jointly build characteristic and advantageous discipline laboratories in Colleges and universities two Provincial enterprise graduate workstation fifty-eight One. The college also has Nantong Key Laboratory of optical mechatronics technology and other municipal key laboratories seven It has mechanical equipment design and manufacturing technology research center, transportation electromechanical equipment and New Energy Research Institute, mechanical and electrical system Intelligent Monitoring Technology Research Institute, marine equipment Electromechanical Control Research Institute, etc., with mechanical design, metal cutting, measurement technology, fluid transmission, computer control technology, testing technology, mechanical manufacturing engineering, engineering materials Measurement and control technology and instruments and open innovation practice ten Multiple laboratories, the average value of instruments and equipment per student is up to thirty thousand It is diversified and has perfect teaching conditions.

The college takes discipline construction as the leader, and actively carries out scientific research and scientific services while doing a solid job in the construction of teaching infrastructure. In the past five years, he has presided over the national science and technology support plan, and“ eight hundred and sixty-three ”Plan, national key R & D plan and other national projects nine Horizontal project one hundred and twenty The rest, the total funding of the project More than 5800 Ten thousand yuan; Publishing academic papers six hundred The rest, SCI/EI retrieval one hundred and twenty More than one article times; Authorized invention patent two hundred Spare parts; Won provincial and ministerial science and Technology Award fifteen Item.

The college has strengthened international exchanges and cooperation, and actively carried out teacher exchange visits, academic exchanges and short-term study of students with first-class scientific research institutes and universities in the United States, Japan and Europe. With Japan's Tokushima University to carry out graduate double degree training program, the results are gratifying.

The guiding ideology of pragmatism and refinement runs through the whole process of students' training and education, and takes the balanced development of quality, knowledge and ability as the main goal of strengthening quality education. We should take students as the foundation, teach students according to their aptitude, pay attention to ability training, strengthen practical teaching, and train students to have solid professional foundation and strong practical ability and innovation ability. All previous graduates have made contributions to national construction and won honors for their alma mater.

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